Freeh Commission Report released – Joe Paterno guilty of lack of responsibility

If you’re like me, Ms. Sharpie (and, let’s face it, no one is like me – thank goodness!), then you have followed the Penn State/Sandusky thing from the beginning.  I, like any reasonable person, was appalled at the trail of victims that Sandusky left in his wake.

Convicted pedophile, Jerry Sandusky

Joe Paterno, coach of Penn State

But, I think I was even more appalled by the lack of action taken by the Penn State upper echelons, especially Joe Paterno, when faced with the accusations that were made against Sandusky.

Before you rant at me about how JoePa was not responsible, let me explain.

I know that Joe Paterno was a god on that campus.  I know that if he had said he wanted something, the folks at Penn State would have moved heaven and earth to make it happen.  He was revered by everyone who went to Penn State, past and present.  He was a recruiting tool, not just for football players but for anyone that wanted a memorable college experience.

If he had wanted to put a stop to Sandusky, he could have.  Period.

But he didn’t.  He fell back on years of friendship and denial and continued to give that man access to places where he could terrorize children.  He was just as guilty of terrorizing those children as Sandusky was.  In my mind, he is just as guilty.

I read with some satisfaction that Freeh called him out on this. I think that placing blame, and accountability, where it should be placed is very important to the victims and their families for their recovery.  To constantly and consistently hear that JoePa was in no way responsible will not help in the healing of these men and those that care about them.

My friend, Dabutcha, wrote a blog about this that says it so much more eloquently than I could ever begin to do.  I hope you’ll hop over and read it:

It’s well worth your time.

I also hope that you will all remember the victims in your thoughts and prayers, that they can finally heal from this ordeal that stole their childhoods from them.


4 thoughts on “Freeh Commission Report released – Joe Paterno guilty of lack of responsibility

  1. Having to hear about this constantly, read it in the local paper, see it on the local news and see all the support these men received and the jokes that spread made me sick. Glad to see when it came down to it blame is being spread fairly no matter who you WERE, yup were, now no more. Enjoy jail.

  2. Amazing how often the community defends powerful, high-status perps over powerless victims.

    Hopefully this will help put a stop to “rape cultures” that defend perps.

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