Meet Ms. Smarty Pants and Ms. Sharpie – Two Smart Chicks

Welcome!  We’re Ms. Smarty Pants and Ms. Sharpie, just two smart chicks trying to make sense of the world.  This blog will be us sharing our observations and opinions about politics, religion and any other topic we come across that strikes our fancy.  We welcome you to come and join us in the conversation – keep it civil!

We want this blog to be a place where SMART PEOPLE can come and converse wtih each other about the things that are happening around the world.  The world moves fast and it’s sure hard to keep up.  Maybe we can all work out some kind of understanding here, together.

Yes, the topics will be fractious.  Yes, some of them will be considered “hot button” topics.  Yes, we will be saying words like “vagina” and “conservative” in the same sentence.  All of this will be done to encourage conversation.

We welcome EVERYONE to come here and air their opinions.  We don’t care if you are conservative or liberal, black or white, Christian or Muslim.  Let it be known that we two smart chicks are of a liberal bent, but we love to hear other’s opinions.

The only rule here:  KEEP IT CIVIL.  No name calling or slurs.  No cursing.  No disparaging of someone’s religion, culture or skin color.  That is not alright.

This is not a conspiracy theory blog.  We are not interested in that kind of thing here.  We are interested in intelligent conversation with many people.

So jump in.  Join us! Maybe, just maybe, we can all understand each other a little better here….. 


8 thoughts on “Meet Ms. Smarty Pants and Ms. Sharpie – Two Smart Chicks

    • Thank you! I hope that we get a good conversation going about so many things. I truly believe that it would help the world if more people spoke to each other in an intelligent manner rather than screaming at each other in sound bites. Hope to see you come back and join the conversation!

  1. I married a smart chick. It was the best thing I ever did, She has helped shape my perspective on things in this world that I never would have thought of. She has been my best friend and my fairest critic. She is truly the love of my life who has facilitated the love of our life. God Bless you Smart Chicks!

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